[OpenLayers-Dev] 2.11 and Google Maps

Eric Lemoine eric.lemoine at camptocamp.com
Tue May 22 01:27:16 EDT 2012


Also, as you may know already, 2.11 does not work correctly with the
current “frozen” (and “release”) version of Google Maps API. The “Map Data”
popup gets displayed on every map move.

This means that applications based on 2.11 and using Google layers are
broken. And there's no known TOS-compliant workaround for this issue.

This is fixed in the 2.12 and master branches. (Thanks Peter Robins). The
fix involves changes to one function only of the OpenLayers.Layer.Google.v3

So for 2.11 we can tell users to “hot-patch” the mixin in the application
code. We can also backbort Peter's fix in a 2.11 branch, and release
2.11.1. A 2.11.1 release may be easier for people.

Any opinion?

Eric Lemoine

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