[OpenLayers-Dev] Vectors issue with Google Layer

Ambre Rippe mel at klistic.com
Wed May 23 04:00:57 EDT 2012


I'm using OpenLayers with Google Layer, and I have a strange behaviour
about vectors on the map.

On mobile (Android), when doing a multitouch event on the map (zoom
in/out), vectors move and zoom as the touchmove event is active. But when
the touchend event is trigger, vectors are refresh at the right place and
with their real size.

This is not happening with OpenstreetMap layer. I also tested some web
pages implementing OpenLayers & Google Layer & a vector layer on android,
and they all have the same issue. Any idea why ? I tested this one, if
someone wants to reproduce :
http://www.macfh.co.uk/Test/Google_with_OpenLayers.html With a multitouch
event, marker is moving/zooming, and then go back to its initial place.

I already took care about the sphericalMercator specifity, and I have no
issue zooming with button or moving the map, so I think it's not the

Thanks in advance !

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