[OpenLayers-Dev] Proj4js updates

Timothy Astle timothy.astle at caris.com
Mon Sep 10 10:42:22 PDT 2012

Hi Michael,

Is this commit going straight into the trunk?  If I recall, most work is 
done on the trunk of Proj4js.

The reason that I ask is because we provide Proj4js as part of our 
software.  I'd like to get a feeling on how this change is being managed 
so we can be prepared for the in behaviour.  It'd be good to know the 
last revision (or have a tagged release) prior to this change.

I do like your proposition.  Using AJAX calls for loading definitions 
would open doors to using Proj4js.  We can then handle cases where an 
AJAX call fails to load the definition.




On 10/09/2012 2:24 PM, Michael Adair wrote:
> Sorry for crossposting but I suspect there are a lot of Proj4js devs 
> on the OL list that aren't on the MetaCRS list and I'd like to get 
> their feedback on this as well.
> In any case, as part of getting Proj4js to compile using the Closure 
> library in advanced mode, there is some cleanup that I would like to 
> do at the same time.  I am proposing the following changes:
> 1. remove the dynamic loading of defs:  this implies that to use 
> Proj4js you would need to have the 'defs' already loaded in your app 
> before trying to create the Proj4js.Proj objects.   Most app 
> frameworks like jQuery support AJAX calls that can be used to load 
> defs dynamically  if required otherwise, I think apps typically know 
> what coordinate systems will be used a priori so they can include the 
> required defs statically.
> 2. if the library is no longer asynchronous, I suggest we can remove 
> the callbacks passed to the constructor
> 3. the projection code gets included at compile time, so you can pick 
> some or all of the projection code in a build config file. (eg. if you 
> only need LCC, just include the LCC code in the build).  If you don't 
> know which projection class you need, you can always build with the 
> full code base.
> I've got much of this working now (but not checked in yet) and there 
> is some internal changes to the code structure but the external 
> interface remains unchanged, ie. you still call Proj4js.transform() 
> and the Proj4js.Proj constructors are the same except for removing the 
> optional callbacks argument.
> Comments welcome,
> Mike
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