[OpenLayers-Dev] Proj4js updates

Michael Adair madair at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Sep 10 12:28:34 PDT 2012

Hi Tim,

Yes the changes would go directly into trunk.  If you are including this 
in other software, it's probably best to use a released version (which 
is basically a zipped up SVN repo) 


On 10/09/2012 1:42 PM, Timothy Astle wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Is this commit going straight into the trunk?  If I recall, most work 
> is done on the trunk of Proj4js.
> The reason that I ask is because we provide Proj4js as part of our 
> software.  I'd like to get a feeling on how this change is being 
> managed so we can be prepared for the in behaviour.  It'd be good to 
> know the last revision (or have a tagged release) prior to this change.
> I do like your proposition.  Using AJAX calls for loading definitions 
> would open doors to using Proj4js.  We can then handle cases where an 
> AJAX call fails to load the definition.
> Cheers!
> Tim
> http://ucode.caris.com/oscar/
> On 10/09/2012 2:24 PM, Michael Adair wrote:
>> Sorry for crossposting but I suspect there are a lot of Proj4js devs 
>> on the OL list that aren't on the MetaCRS list and I'd like to get 
>> their feedback on this as well.
>> In any case, as part of getting Proj4js to compile using the Closure 
>> library in advanced mode, there is some cleanup that I would like to 
>> do at the same time.  I am proposing the following changes:
>> 1. remove the dynamic loading of defs:  this implies that to use 
>> Proj4js you would need to have the 'defs' already loaded in your app 
>> before trying to create the Proj4js.Proj objects.   Most app 
>> frameworks like jQuery support AJAX calls that can be used to load 
>> defs dynamically  if required otherwise, I think apps typically know 
>> what coordinate systems will be used a priori so they can include the 
>> required defs statically.
>> 2. if the library is no longer asynchronous, I suggest we can remove 
>> the callbacks passed to the constructor
>> 3. the projection code gets included at compile time, so you can pick 
>> some or all of the projection code in a build config file. (eg. if 
>> you only need LCC, just include the LCC code in the build).  If you 
>> don't know which projection class you need, you can always build with 
>> the full code base.
>> I've got much of this working now (but not checked in yet) and there 
>> is some internal changes to the code structure but the external 
>> interface remains unchanged, ie. you still call Proj4js.transform() 
>> and the Proj4js.Proj constructors are the same except for removing 
>> the optional callbacks argument.
>> Comments welcome,
>> Mike
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