[OpenLayers-Dev] OpenLayers - VideoWMS - NZ–Germany Exchange Programme (RSNZ)

Tim-Hinnerk Heuer th.heuer at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 15:27:31 PST 2013

Hi fellow devs,

Just wondering if any of you living in Germany out there are interested in
this programme. Last year, I applied but the German side didn't get their
proposal in on time, but there is hope that we could do it right this year.
Since I've got the application written already, I would only need to modify
it and the effort from last year would not be wasted.

A working prototype of VideoWMS is here: http://npm.landcareresearch.co.nz .

Even if your interests do not directly align with VideoWMS, there might be
other GIS type innovations that we could collaborate on.

Please don't hesitate to email.


Tim-Hinnerk Heuer

Twitter: @geekdenz
Blog: http://www.thheuer.com
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