[OpenLayers-Dev] Car icon and details formated with html instead of plain text - please help me

Andreas Hocevar ahocevar at opengeo.org
Sat Sep 7 00:53:47 PDT 2013

Although this may not be of immediate use, but OpenLayers 3 has overlays
that allow you to anchor arbitrary markup to a position on a map.


On Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 1:38 PM, Mikulicic, Vladimir <
Vladimir.Mikulicic at br.de> wrote:

> Hi Przemek,
> this is, in my opinion a big problem of Openlayers. We got the same
> problem too. Before we used Bing-Maps API, and there it's normal to create
> HTML-Markers.
> I am wondering that in the OL-Community is no need for HTML Markers
> ....excpecially Markers which could be completly controlled.
> The same increddible problem, in my opinion are the Popups... its horrible
> to see, that the popup-background is an background-image that comes from
> the OL-API.
> But back to your Problem... we solved that ... like this:
> http://www.netzwolf.info/kartografie/openlayers/htmlmarker.htm
> This is the only Implementation i found, that deals with HTML and u can
> use it like Markers.
> Our solution with HTML-Markers is:   http://www.br.de/weather   (Map with
> html Markers)
> Greets
> Vladimir
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> Betreff: [OpenLayers-Dev] Car icon and details formated with html instead
> of    plain text - please help me
> Hi,
> I use OpenLayers libary in my project to display objects on a map.
> I wounder if anybody will be able to help me with my problem.
> I need to show a car icon with following details:
> - car name (label above a car icon)
> - car icon
> - status bar (one line bar with different color showing a status, eg. red
> bar means alarm, green means car is moving, grey car is parked)
> - car parameters (text with car speed, fuel level, distance and rpm)
> OpenLayers libary let you to display one icon and one plain text.
> There is no way to program in OpenLayers text a status bar and text above
> and below needs to be the same color, and to make vertical space you need
> to
> use some characters, eg. dots that looks ugly on the interface.
> I need to modify OpenLayers source code and implement the design as I need.
> Probably the way to change a OpenLayers source code would be to change in
> the proper place JavaScript source, so it would accept HTML instead of only
> plain text. Then use HTML to implement a design.
> Could you please advice me, where in a source code should I look to modify
> the code?
> What do you think about such modification? Is it possible and do you
> foreseeing any problems with it?
> I would greatly appreciate any advice or help from you.
> Przemek
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