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Thu Nov 4 17:39:12 EDT 2010

#2917: Drop Geometry.Curve class (at least from the docs)
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Component:  Geometry.Curve  |     Version:  2.10        
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 The Geometry.Curve class currently cannot be rendered.  I spoke with
 crschmidt in IRC, and he said " I don't think that we're in a position
 where making the curve geometry work is the right thing todo."

 The problem is that including and (especially) documenting the class is
 ''very'' misleading. Several people (nobody working on OL core, and
 apparently people who'd never actually tried the technique) told me this
 is exactly what I should use to create curved lines between features.

 However, after speaking with crschmidt, my new strategy is to "fake it" by
 implementing a bezier algorithm and stitch together line segments.

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