[osgeo4w-dev] osgeo4w-setup: what does "up to date" mean?

Matt Wilkie matt.wilkie at gov.yk.ca
Fri Apr 18 12:44:46 EDT 2008

> I *think* the View "up to date" will show you a list of all packages
> believed to be up to date according to the current criteria.
> The current criteria is determined by the radio buttons along the top.
> If you want to upgrade to the newest trusted version you would set this
> to "Curr" (current) which I believe is the default.  In this case I think
> all packages should be upgraded if practical. Perhaps you had it set in
> "Keep" mode?

No, I left it at default, which is Current. With the Category view set 
to "Up to date", changing the radio position has no apparent effect on 
the package selection. With Category Full, there is sometimes a flicker 
when changing radio position, but no version numbers change that I can 
see (there are about a dozen unseen packages off the bottom).

So right now I have gdal 1.5.0-3 installed. Clicking in the New column 
shows is available. Should 1.5.1 be in the Current or 
Experimental category? Either way, something appears to be not working, 
as I would expect it to show up without drilling down for it.

Looking at http://cygwin.com/setup.html and the setup.ini for 
osgeo4w-setup I don't see the following three keywords used from setup.hint:

   curr: version
   prev: version
   test: version

I tried manually editing setup.ini (gdal section below) and adding them, 
then running osgeo4w-setup and installing from local directory, but it 
didn't change anything. Perhaps the format of those for setup.ini is 
different from setup.hint?

@ gdal
sdesc: "The GDAL/OGR library and commandline tools"
ldesc: "The GDAL/OGR library and commandline tools"
category: Libs Commandline_Utilities
requires: msvcrt tiff libjpeg libgeotiff proj hdf5 curl geos libmysql 
sqlite3 netcdf libpq expat xerces-c hdf4 ogdi
version: 1.5.1-1
curr: 1.5.0-3
prev: 1.5.0-2
test: 1.5.1-1
install: ./release/gdal/gdal-1.5.1-1.tar.bz2 2138013 
source: ./release/gdal/gdal-1.5.1-1-src.tar.bz2 5425 
version: 1.5.0-3
install: ./release/gdal/gdal-1.5.0-3.tar.bz2 2136700 
source: ./release/gdal/gdal-1.5.0-3-src.tar.bz2 5826 

I just noticed something else: version 1.5.0-3 is listed under the 
[prev] heading, yet it is the default package for the Current radio 
button. I didn't edit that part.

> Indeed, some of these may be quirks where we aren't seeing the intention.
> I'm hesitant to fiddle much with such core behaviors.

Agreed, for the dependency-resetting behaviour.


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