[osgeo4w-dev] osgeo4w-setup: what does "up to date" mean?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Apr 17 21:51:15 EDT 2008

Matt Wilkie wrote:
> osgeo4w-setup.exe, downloaded Apr-15
> I'm confused what the "Up to date" view category means in the 'Select 
> Packages' screen of Advanced Install. When I click on the [View] button 
> until "Up to date" appears, all of the packages under the 'New' column 
> say "Keep".  Taking the gdal package for example, the default is:
>     Current        New
>     --------------------
>     1.5.0-3        Keep
> However if I click on Keep several times it cycles from Keep to 
> Reinstall to Source to:
>     Current        New
>     -----------------------
>     1.5.0-3        1.5.1-1
> So it appears there is a newer version available, but there is no 
> apparent method way to this with out cycling through the 'New' column -- 
> and this must be repeated for each individual package.


I *think* the View "up to date" will show you a list of all packages
believed to be up to date according to the current criteria.

The current criteria is determined by the radio buttons along the top.
If you want to upgrade to the newest trusted version you would set this
to "Curr" (current) which I believe is the default.  In this case I think
all packages should be upgraded if practical. Perhaps you had it set in
"Keep" mode?

> Further confusing the issue is that cycling through another package in 
> this manner will somtimes reset an earlier package. For example for 
> msvcrt if I click until 1.0.0-5 is to be installed, and then clicking on 
> ogsi will reset msvcrt to Keep status. However if ogdi is clicked up to 
> a newer version first, then msvcrt is happy to upgrade also. I presume 
> this latter issue hinges on the difficulty of keeping inter-package 
> dependencies straight.

I see the same behavior.  Changing the state of a package *seems* to
reset the new state of all depencencies.  I don't know why.

> I didn't file this as a bug report because I'm not sure how to 
> characterize or categorize it.

Indeed, some of these may be quirks where we aren't seeing the intention.
I'm hesitant to fiddle much with such core behaviors.

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