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Jason Fournier jfournier at dmsolutions.ca
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I've installed OSGeo4W using the Express option (MapServer, Apache, and
uDig) and then added OpenEV using the Advanced option after the fact.  Both
installs went smoothly and without incident.  Great work guys.  A couple of
questions (not sure if these have been addressed yet):

1) I am unable to find a way to uninstall the whole package ... is there
supposed to be an entry in the 'Add/Remove Programs' list?  

2) For uDig I get the following message at startup:

Warning: Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) is not installed.  Map Viewing and
printing cannot be performed until it has been installed.  Only non-display
actions can be performed.

For debugging information go to the Help/About menu.  It has all the
configuration information that uDig is using.

It is recommended that uDig be closed and restarted when JAI has been

I can send you the config info if it helps.

This is the first time I've ever used uDig so perhaps this is common - if so
please ignore.

Best regards,

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In the least few days, I've done a few updates.

1) Updated msvcrt (base) packaged to include a o4w-env.bat script which
other scripts can source to setup the environment.  This doesn't matter
for commandline programs run from the shell, but it does matter for stuff
run from icons.

2) Updated textreplace in msvcrt so that "-t abc.txt" will update abc.txt
in place if there is no abc.txt.tmpl file.   As Jeff has pointed out it
is preferrable to update stuff in place rather than have template files
so that uninstall will cleanup better.

3) Added a menu item and a desktop icon for the OpenEV package.

4) Packaged Java MapScript (as mapscript-java).  I'm not too clear yet
how we are going to make these .jar files be in the "standard classpath"
or even if that is desirable.

5) Updated the setup program to include an OpenEV item in the express

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