[osgeo4w-dev] Progress Update

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sat Mar 15 10:30:32 EDT 2008

andrea antonello wrote:
> Same for me here, I am wondering why it is not in the "Installed
> Directory Layout" list.


Because no one added it there yet! I have done so.

> Updates on java world and udig:
> - the jre can be split into bin and lib, which is good I think (though
> I'm not sure if that would work for other applications, it has to be
> tested)
> - udig executable doesn't like the JVM from the path and will try to
> pick up the system one, which is bad. This can be bypassed if launched
> through a .bat file with the proper commands in it. Is that ok? I'm
> not sure how that would behave related to the links that are done in
> the start/program menu of windows.

The .bat file is fine with me, and we can engineer icons and start menu
entries to launch the bat file.

> I couldn't find a doc about how to supply icons for the menu. The
> setup.hint files do not seem to deal with that.

Assefa is adding a commandline program that can add these and will hopefully
add a small writeup on it in:


You would provide a .bat file in /ini for your package that invokes this
commandline program to add appropriate menu items and desktop icons.  The
post install scripts are described in the above "Post-Install_Actions"
section of the packaging wiki page.

I see we should be considering uninstall scripts too at some point to
clean stuff like this up.  The install program is smart about cleaning
up files it installed directly, but other post install actions will
leave various litter.

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