[osgeo4w-dev] gdal-python packages & gdal_merge

fabienne picot cfab13 at hotmail.fr
Fri Oct 10 04:05:19 EDT 2008

Good morning

> Fabienne,
> I gather the attached .doc shows the error you got the first time
> doing install from internet?   I have no real idea why it crashed.
No this is the error choosing " INSTALL FROM LOCAL DIRECTORY".

> The files in apps\gdal-dev\bin relate to the gdal-dev package and would
> not normally be used unless you first type "gdaldev.bat" at the commandline
> to switch to the development GDAL environment.  Normally the default
> (GDAL 1.5) environment is used in which case the _gdal DLL is found as:
> C:/osgeo4w/apps/python25/lib/site-packages/osgeo/_gdal.pyd
> Could you perhaps confirm that this file exists and is 172032
> bytes long?
Yes I can see it with the size 172 032bytes (168ko).

> BTW, does "gdalinfo" at the commandline report a proper usage message?
> I'm asking to confirm that the underlying GDAL package is ok.
Is the command: 
C:\OSGeo4W>gdalinfo  ??
Because this one doesn't work. But I just begin with the command line, and I don't know really the correct synthaxe.

> I appreciate your taking the time to help us work quirks out of
> the OSGeo4W package.
> Best regards,
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