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Derek Bain beartreeyoga at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 5 04:44:43 EDT 2008


1.I tried installing the  gdal-ecw plugin package as suggested in the web link and I still get the following error using shp2img
(I ran the osgeo4w.bat file just to be sure)

drawEPP(): Image handling error. EPPL7 support is not available.
msDrawRaster(): Image handling error. Unrecognized or unsupported image format

The dlls installed are all version except for NCSEcwC.dll which does not show a version

Do they have to be registered in anyway i.e. regsrv32.exe 

2. > When you say things work with MapServer 5.0.2 but not 5.2.0, do you mean
> within the OSGeo4W environment?  That is, does dropping back to the 5.0.2
> version in OSGeo4W fix the problem again?

It was not within the OSGeo4w environment. When you say dropping back, do you mean that I can just replace OSGeo4W mapserver.exe with the ms4w MapServer.exe or is it more complicated than that.

3. >When viewing GeoTiffs and shapefiles I get a large area around my image
> covered in pink (transparency color) This did not happen in v5.0.2. I have
> attached a file showing the output.thanks

What I meant was that it broke going from ms4w v5.0.2 to ms4w v5.2.0. I only moved from ms4w to OSGeo4W a few weeks ago for the OGDI support after you answered a previous posting of mine.

Is it possible to download previous versions of OSGeo4w and if so can you supply a web link. 

Regards the image and the color pink, think of any city or small state in the middle of the USA as being the extents of my shapefile, the pink area is the rest of the USA plus more :)

many thanks


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