[osgeo4w-dev] more gdal/proj errors when starting GRASS6.4.RC3-2 (non-testing version)

Isaac Ullah isaac.ullah at asu.edu
Wed Feb 4 16:13:26 EST 2009

These errors are similar to errors reported before, but now I get the
error that "This application has failed to start becasue ippj-5.3.dll
was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem".
When i hit "okay", wxgui tries to load, then I get "Execution failed:
'g.proj.exe -p'" and GRASS quits. I can start in text mode, but
g.region -pg also yields a ippj-5.3.dll error.
I search for this dll, and it is indeed nowhere to be found. I'm
running XP, and have a working version of GRASs6.3 installed
seperately from OSGeo4W. I have deleted all older installs of Python,
tcl, gdal, etc., and have edited my system path to not be pointing at
these old directories any more. My colleague, also running winxp, has
successfully installed GRASS6.4-RC3-2 via osgeo4W, but he also does
not have this dll. Any ideas what's going on?


Isaac I Ullah, M.A.

Archaeology PhD Student,
ASU School of Evolution and Social Change

Research Assistant,
Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics Project
isaac.ullah at asu.edu
ullah at archaeologist.com


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