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#37: grass: wxpython gui issues
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Comment (by hamish):

 Hi, just attempting my first OSGeo4W GRASS install. Downloaded today.

 packaging issues re. the wxpython GUI & epsg file:

 wxPython Startup: [Create new location from EPSG code]
 Error window:
 "Unable to read EPSG codes: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:
 [Ok], Choose EPSG Code window comes up.

 Path to the EPSG-codes file: [c/OSGeo4W/share/proj\epsg]

 [Browse], find it in the above location, [Ok]

 Error window:
 Unable to read EPSG codes: string index out of range

 but if I know the number and put it in, it accepts it and expands to the
 correct +proj terms. (I tried # 4326 ll/wgs84)

 So it's just the code browser which is unhappy in the end. But without
 browsing to fix the "/c/...\epsg" to "C:\...\epsg" it gives me a Traceback
 error in the DOS console (line 1567 KeyError: 4326).

 the rest is probably generic wxPy GUI RFE issues, but while I'm at it...

 Set default region extent and resolution window:
 [tab] does not advance from North box to S -> W -> E -> Res. :(

 no preview on map-of-the-world, and can't drag a semitransparent box to
 set NSWE values automatically. :(

 Trying again with EPSG # 27200 (NZMG).
 Select datum transforms: drop down menu with 1,2,3. That's not very clear:
 perhaps the descriptive text could be bolded or in a box with a brighter
 background or someway to highlight that is the pertinent info.

 The GRASS GIS Layer Manager window still says '(Experimental Prototype)'
 in the title bar. I thought we already got rid of that? [this is 6.4.0rc3]


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