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#57: duplicate gdal-grass and grass-gdal-plugins packages
 Reporter:  hamish           |       Owner:  osgeo4w-dev at lists.osgeo.org
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 it is a bit confusing that there is both a gdal-grass and a grass-gdal-
 plugins package (by versions I see the second one is gdal v1.6, while
 gdal-grass is v1.5)

 Perhaps the grass-gdal-plugins one should be renamed gdal1.6-grass or

 Also, I notice that the qgis-grass-plugin package depends on both grass
 and qgis. Does it have to? I notice in the debian packaging that it only
 depends on the equivalent of gdal-grass, and not the full grass package.
 i.e. it should be able to be used to view GRASS data without a grass
 binary install present. (??)

 not really sure if any changes should be made here, but I thought I'd
 raise the issue.


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