Re: [osgeo4w-dev] Python on the registry

Lucena, Ivan ivan.lucena at
Thu Jun 4 18:22:34 EDT 2009


>  It is intentional to not conflict with a user's existing installs.
>  I think a pair of batch files that add and remove the registry entries  
>  to make they OSGeo4W Python version the system-wide one would be  
>  sufficient.  It would then require the user to manually and knowingly  
>  do something that the OSGeo4W installer shouldn't make an assumption  
>  about.

That is look like the wise thing to do.

But let's say we have a entry just under Commandline_Utilities Python:

    - - - - - -   python: Python executable and runtime
    - - - - - -   python: register this as the primary python on the windows registry

That would make it optional and users would be able to make a decision.

What that entry would need to do is to update the path on a .reg file and then apply to Windows.

It is just a suggestion, not an argument.

My best regards,


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