[osgeo4w-dev] gdal hep please

mahmood ali khan makhan_47 at rediffmail.com
Sun Nov 1 00:46:05 EDT 2009

Hi, This is Mahmood am using gdal to cut and mask an raster image.

I was going through your tutorial on Clipping a rater file using gdal, iam also doing some thing simillar, i have clipped a raster image using gdal_translate command and now i want to mask this clipped raster image to a polygon shape. I found your tutorial very helpful and tried to use the code what you have shown to mask a raster file,but it does nothing.

code am trying
gdalwarp -co COMPRESS=DEFLATE -co TILED=YES -of GTiff
-r lanczos -cutline shapefile.shp sourcefile.tif destfile.tif
and am trying this in osgeo4W command prompt, and the whole code is in one single line

anykind of help would be much appriciated, please help me out with this its really very urgent for me and am struggling to do this from last week.

looking forward to hear from you
Thanks Heaps
M A Khan
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