[osgeo4w-dev] proj refactoring, gdal17-ecw

Matt Wilkie matt.wilkie at gov.yk.ca
Thu Oct 21 15:26:18 EDT 2010

Many thanks for this work Frank!

 > http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo4w/wiki/pkg-gdal17-ecw

After following these instructions gdalinfo works, in that it reports 
info I expect, but throws up a crash dialog (attached). I'm using 64bit 
Win7 and put the ecw dll's in %osgeo4w_root%\bin.

16/09/2010  04:07 AM            54,784 NCScnet4.dll
16/09/2010  04:28 AM         2,247,168 NCSEcw4_RO.dll
16/09/2010  04:07 AM           385,024 NCSUtil4.dll
16/09/2010  01:17 AM           220,336 tbb.dll

It is quite possible that I have another ECW dll somewhere in PATH. If 
so I've not found it yet though. Is it possible to use dllupdate to 
locate dupes? I tried a few things with it but it came up empty.


C:\>dllupdate "c:\Program Files (x86)\ERDAS\ERDAS ECW JPEG2000 Read 

C:\>dllupdate "c:\Program Files (x86)\ERDAS\ERDAS ECW JPEG2000 Read 
SDK\redistributable\vc90\win32\NCScnet4.dll" c:\Windows\System32

C:\>dllupdate "c:\Program Files (x86)\ERDAS\ERDAS ECW JPEG2000 Read 
SDK\redistributable\vc90\win32\NCScnet4.dll" c:\Windows\SysWOW64

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On 20/10/2010 7:12 PM, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Folks,
> Today I have refreshed and refactored the PROJ.4 package.  This includes
> splitting the HPGN (HARN) datum shift grid files into a separate package
> (proj-hpgn) and the other grid shift files (proj-datumgrid).  This is to
> avoid these fairly large packages from having to be re-downloaded every
> time the proj dll/exe package is updated. The grid shift files will
> presumably change rarely.  The two grid shift package are dependencies
> of proj and so will always be installed if proj is.
> I also introduced a new proj-vdatum vertical datum grid shift package which
> is very large (40MB or so).  It is used by PROJ, but due to it's size, and
> the relative rarity of use I have not made it a dependency of proj.  It will
> need to be installed specifically by the user.
> Today I also addressed the request for a gdal17-ecw plugin package.  To do
> this I had to update the GDAL ECW driver to work with the ECW SDK
> currently available from Erdas (4.1 20100920), and backported those changes
> to 1.7.  Note that the most recent Erdas SDK is read-only, so it is not
> possible to use the gdal17-ecw plugin to produce ECW or JPEG2000 files.
> The new package page discussed the steps to download the sdk from Erdas
> which each end user will need to do.  There is also now an emailed password
> to install the SDK and I believe the terms of the agreement are different so
> caution should be used reviewing the use agreement.
>     http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo4w/wiki/pkg-gdal17-ecw
> I will note the plugin is built with VS2008 while GDAL 1.7 itself is built
> with VS2003.  This is a somewhat dangerous mixture, but I didn't have any
> issues in my simple local testing.  I now have a virtual machine setup
> with VS2008 and I hope to migrate to using it for GDAL 1.8 and other
> packages as appropriate.  I believe the msvcrt package already includes
> the runtime components for VS2008.
> Tonight and tomorrow I also plan to refresh the libgeotiff, and gdal-dev
> packages.  If anything unusual comes out of those efforts, I'll notify
> this list.
> Best regards,
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