[osgeo4w-dev] trigger index build + java

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Mar 4 11:06:02 EST 2011

On 11-03-04 10:21 AM, andrea antonello wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering if the regen.sh is the script to make the versions
> appear in the installer and if yes, am I even allowed to trigger it or
> is this scheduled and I have to wait?


To regenerate the package file you can visit:

   http://upload.osgeo.org/cgi-bin/osgeo4w-regen dot sh

This will create the test version of the package file and then you
can test with the test version of setup.exe.  When you are
comfortable with the result you can follow the link (offered
after running osgeo4w-regen.sh) to "promote" it into production.

This is discussed in the setup.ini part near the bottom of:


 > Another thing I wanted to ask to the java based packagers (mostly
 > geotools depending): has someone ever updated the java version to
 > contain the native libs for gdal bindings and ecw? It seems to me not
 > and I would upgrade that also.

There is a gdal-java package for the GDAL Java bindings at:


There is also an ECW plugin for GDAL at:


Do those provide what you had in mind?

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