[osgeo4w-dev] optional dependencies

Matt Wilkie matt.wilkie at gov.yk.ca
Fri Mar 11 13:12:36 EST 2011

>> One dummy question related to this. How is upgrading uninstalling
>> preformed? Is the exact list of files removed or is the attempt
>> instead that to overwrite? I am a bit afraid of how uninstall of
>> BeeGIS would go. But I assume it removes the files and that is all?
> The installer maintains a list of original files installed and removes
> them all.  It does not have any mechanism to remove files added later.

The list of files installed is recorded in the compressed text file 
%osgeo4w_root%/etc/setup/package-name.lst.gz. When package is 
uninstalled only these files are removed. I believe an upgrade action 
uninstalls and then installs (rather than simply overwriting in place).

Looking at the file structure of beegis as it installs currently I think 
you'd need to provide two packages, "beegis-dev, depends on udig-dev", 
and "beegis, depends on udig".

One could perhaps add some logic to a etc/post-install/beegis.bat that 
checked for "apps/udig" or "apps/udig-dev" and created junction links to 
"apps/beegis"... (would work only on NTFS file systems). Or something of 
that nature.

I don't think there is an equivalent "etc/pre-install/package.bat" 
mechanism available which could check and set config settings before 
installing anything.



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