[osgeo4w-dev] NuGet package for GDAL/OGR stack C# bindings

Felix Obermaier obe at IVV-AACHEN.DE
Fri Nov 4 04:15:29 EDT 2011

Hello everyone,

I already posted this question on gdal-dev, but Tamas advised me to rather ask here:

I know a bunch of dotNet projects that partly rely on GDAL/OGR package (SharpMap, DotSpatial, ...).
They either advise their users/developers to pick some sort of distributed binaries (FWTools, the ones provided by Tamas) or place the whole set in their repository.

This could be handled smarter if there were NuGet (www.nuget.org) packages for the GDAL/OGR stack. These could easily be added using the package manager.
Are there any plans to provide NuGet packages, or is there an interest in me setting one up?


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