[osgeo4w-dev] NuGet package for GDAL/OGR stack C# bindings

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 05:26:30 EDT 2011


I noticed that the gdal-csharp packages haven't been incorporated in
osgeo4w yet. I'll see how can it be added easily.

Does the NuGet package contain the referred binaries or just a reference to
the existing locations? I think osgeo4w would not want to repackage a
distribute the same binaries in different install packages within the
osgeo4w repository.

We could also talk about adding this stuff to
http://www.gisinternals.com/sdk/ which could eventually provide standalone
packages or auxiliary packages for the gdal-core msi installer.

Best regards,


2011/11/4 Felix Obermaier <obe at ivv-aachen.de>

> Hello everyone,
> I already posted this question on gdal-dev, but Tamas advised me to rather
> ask here:
> I know a bunch of dotNet projects that partly rely on GDAL/OGR package
> (SharpMap, DotSpatial, ...).
> They either advise their users/developers to pick some sort of distributed
> binaries (FWTools, the ones provided by Tamas) or place the whole set in
> their repository.
> This could be handled smarter if there were NuGet (www.nuget.org)
> packages for the GDAL/OGR stack. These could easily be added using the
> package manager.
> Are there any plans to provide NuGet packages, or is there an interest in
> me setting one up?
> Cheers
> Felix Obermaier
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