AW: [osgeo4w-dev] NuGet package for GDAL/OGR stack C# bindings

Felix Obermaier obe at IVV-AACHEN.DE
Fri Nov 4 05:42:33 EDT 2011

> Does the NuGet package contain the referred binaries or just a reference to the existing locations?
> I think osgeo4w would not want to repackage a distribute the same binaries in > different install packages within the osgeo4w repository.

The binaries are included, afaik one can only reference other NuGet packages. Like for e.g System.Data.SQLite one could split up sth like this:
- Gdal.MSIL (just the managed binaries)
- Gdal.x86 (x86 native), references GDAL.MSIL
- Gdal.x64 (x64 native) , references GDAL.MSIL

> We could also talk about adding this stuff to which could eventually provide standalone packages or auxiliary packages for the gdal-core msi installer.

That will probably be the easiest/fastest way, since it would only require a few *.nuspec files and some additional commands to the build process. If you want, I can set try to set that and post it to you.

The packages are hosted, once packed and published, on some NuGet feed server, so you do not need to host the binaries on your gisinternals site.


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