[osgeo4w-dev] mscvr90

Julien Malik julien.malik at c-s.fr
Thu Nov 17 14:28:27 EST 2011

Hi Matt,

Le 17/11/2011 19:11, Matt Wilkie a écrit :
> Hi Julien,
> I have libtiff 4.0.0.dev-91 installled on Win7x64, and running 
> tiffinfo yields the same R6034 error you mention. Also like you, 
> gdalinfo (GDAL 1.8.1, released 2011/07/09) has no apparent problems. I 
> don't have Visual Express.

Glad to hear I'm not alone !

> Running "dir /b/s c:\msvcr90.dll" found 31 copies of that file on my 
> system (see attached).
> Changing PATH in the o4w command shell to simply 
> "PATH=c:\o4w_py27\bin", changed the tiffinfo error message to  "The 
> program can't start because MSVCR90.dll is missing from your computer. 
> Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem". Extending path to 
> include an o4w package containing msvcr90.dll, e.g. qgis, makes 
> tiffinfo go back to the R6034 error.  Gdalinfo continues to run fine; 
> maybe this is because gdalinfo actually relies on libgeotiff and not 
> libtiff?
> From  the msvcrt-1.0.1-5 o4w package I extracted vc_red.cab from 
> vcredist_2008_x86.exe (using 7zip), and then put each kind of dll into 
> it's own directory, renamed as expected. So "nosxs_msvcr90.dll" to 
> ".\vc2008_nosxs\msvcr90.dll" and "msvcr90.dll.30729.*.sp" to 
> ".\vc2008_30729\msvcr90.dll", etc. I then added each of those 
> directories to path in turn (solo, not additive) and ran tiffinfo: 
> R6034 errors in all cases.
> I repeated this with the msvcrt-1.0.1-4 package and got identical 
> results.
> I then extracted libtiff-4.0.0dev-91.tar.bz2 into d:\libtiff-dev91, 
> and from a command shell with a minimal o4w path 
> (PATH=c:\o4w_py27\bin) ran tiffinfo, got R6034.
> Repeat with libtiff dev-90: WORKS -- yet there aren't any msvc*90.dll 
> in PATH (!)

The dev-90 package depends on msvc*71.dll (Visual 2003) and does not 
depend on msvc*90.dll, so no problem here.
But the worst thing is that these msvc*dll are handled differently than 
the other dlls (they can be found in this winsxs folder while it is not 
in the PATH).

> I deleted PATH altogether: dev-90 tiffinfo complains of missing 
> 'jpeg_osgeo.dll', and then 'zlib_osgeo.dll'.
> I copy those from c:\o4w_py27\bin into d:\libtiff-dev90: tiffinfo 
> works again.
> So it looks to me like libtiff-dev91 thinks it requires something fomr 
> msvcr*.dll, when it actually doesn't, but won't carry on until the 
> mistaken assumption is cleared. Or something.

The dev91 package *does* require msvc*90.dll, but does not accept the 
ones used by other packages.

> Anyway, cleary libtiff-4.0.0dev-91.tar.bz2 is broken and should be 
> replaced or removed from the package repository if it can't be fixed.

OK same conclusion for me : there is something wrong with the dev-91 build.
As I never understood anything about those manifest/runtime issues with 
visual c++, I'm unable to further locate the problem.

All your tests are coherent with what I see on my side.
Thanks for all this intensive testing.

> I hope something in all this helps!

Now I know it does not come from my machine, and this is good information ;)


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