[osgeo4w-dev] Dependencies for gdal not installed on 64-bit machines

Charles Karney charles.karney at sri.com
Tue Sep 20 17:49:53 EDT 2011

I can't get OSGeo4W to work on a 64-bit machine at all.  Here are the
steps I take

   Delete existing C:/OSGeo4W
   Download and run osgeo4w-setup.exe
   Select express install and uncheck all packages but GDAL
   Select install
   Start an OSGeo4W shell
   Run "gdalinfo"

I then get

   "The application has failed to start because ogdi_32b1.dll was not

Other observations:

* the above steps work OK on a 32-bit machine

* the installation appeared to install only 2 gdal packages (3 dlls).
   On the 32-bit machine several packages were installed alongside gdal
   (45 dlls).

It seems that the whole dependency mechanism is non-functional on
64-bit machines?

Any help would be appreciated.

Charles Karney <charles.karney at sri.com>
SRI International, Princeton, NJ 08543-5300
Tel: +1 609 734 2312

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