[osgeo4w-dev] #279: Create FileGDB plugin for gdal-19

Matt Wilkie matt.wilkie at gov.yk.ca
Fri Apr 27 15:21:43 EDT 2012

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Thanks for putting this package together!

I get an error using this on our v9.3 geodatabases:

    B:\> ogrinfo z:\v4\ENV_1000k.gdb
    ERROR 1: Error: Failed to open Geodatabase (This release of the
    GeoDatabase is either invalid or out of date.)

It opens a v10 gdb but doesn't list contents:

    B:\> ogrinfo z:\v5\ENV_50k.gdb
    INFO: Open of `z:\v5\ENV_50k.gdb'
           using driver `FileGDB' successful.

I expected something more like the personal-gdb results (though maybe 
this an ogrinfo thing and not a file-gdb thing):

    B:> ogrinfo z:\Geodatabase\admin1000k.mdb
    INFO: Open of `z:\Geodatabase\admin1000k.mdb'
           using driver `PGeo' successful.
    1: Yukon_poly
    2: Outfitting
    15: Group_Trapline
    16: Game_Management_SubzonesAnno


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On 26-Apr-2012 5:56 PM, OSGeo4W wrote:
> #279: Create FileGDB plugin for gdal-19
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> Changes (by warmerdam):
>   * cc: rburhum (added)
> Comment:
>   Done by Ragi (+rburhum).
>   Also note I added: [wiki:pkg-gdal-filegdb]

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