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Tue Feb 7 12:49:53 EST 2012

#162: pythonwin launcher
Reporter:  wildintellect  |       Owner:  osgeo4w-dev@…              
    Type:  enhancement    |      Status:  new                        
Priority:  major          |   Component:  Package                    
 Version:  1.0            |    Keywords:  python pythonwin           

Comment(by maphew):

 I put together a version of [pkg-python-win32] which creates desktop and
 startmenu links. It's in the test''ing'' repository as
 python-win32-2.16-2.tar.bz2]; Jürgen Fischer is the maintainer and I
 didn't want to step on his toes. Changes from the default package are:

  * added `bin\pythonwin.bat`, `etc\postinstall\pythonwin.bat`
  * changed `setup.hint` to rely on `shell` instead of `msvcrt`

 To work effectively [wiki:pkg-shell] must be v1.0.0-8+

 :: bin\pythonwin.bat
 start /b %pythonhome%\Lib\site-packages\pythonwin\pythonwin.exe %*

 :: etc\postinstall\pythonwin.bat
 xxmklink "%OSGEO4W_STARTMENU%\PythonWin.lnk" "%OSGEO4W_ROOT%\OSGeo4W.bat"
 pythonwin \ "Python for Windows, using Osgeo4W python" 7 "%pythonhome%\lib
 xxmklink "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Desktop\PythonWin.lnk"
 "%OSGEO4W_ROOT%\OSGeo4W.bat" pythonwin \ "Python for Windows, using
 Osgeo4W python" 7 "%pythonhome%\lib\site-packages\pythonwin\Pythonwin.exe"

 I was unable to test with the osgeo-setup-testing.exe as it kept giving me
 errors about the mirror url's being out of date, and wouldn't accept my
 user entered url as an alternative.

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