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Matt Wilkie matt.wilkie at gov.yk.ca
Fri May 11 12:15:55 EDT 2012

> I answered my own question.  To see a list of installed modules...
> 1) install pip
> 2) run "pip freeze"

Thanks, I didn't know that. Curious choice of a word to use for "show me 
installed modules and versions".

/...later: /

Pip freeze on my system shows:


Which is mostly correct, with the exception of one, I installed those 
using either pip or easy_install. The oddball is numpy. It is installed 
from the osgeo4w python-numpy package. Maybe numpy is installed twice, 
once via o4w and once via a pip dependency?

Running 'pip uinstall numpy' didn't seem to break my system, 'import 
numpy' still works even though 'pip freeze' no longer lists it as 
available.  Following this with 'pip install numpy' want's to install a 
newer version, 1.6.1. The o4w version is 1.5.1, so doing this might 
cause version conflicts. (untested, I aborted the install.)

In any case this is a warning flag of possible confusion down the line. 
I'm not saying don't use pip, I am after all, just be aware of the 
potential for trouble.


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