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#290: Missing files
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 Version:          |    Keywords:  missing files              

Comment(by maphew):

 The last line indicates gdal 1.7.3 is installed, yet current is 1.9.0. Is
 this a fresh install?

 Unless you need v1.7 specifically perhaps try uninstalling the `gdal17`
 package and install `gdal` instead (which will always grab the current

 You may also need to remove: `gdal17-ecw, gdal17-mrsid, gdal17-python`

 The Arc SDE plugins are `gdal-sde90, gdal-sde91, gdal-sde92`, correspond
 to Arcgis SDE versions 9.0, 9.1 & 9,2 respectively. They require files
 which need to be acquired from Esri (but not the one listed in the error
 message). Uninstall these too unless you know you need them.

 The missing `o-help-list.txt` file raises a question mark for me but is
 not related (it's the file from which the "-={ OSGeo4W Shell Commands }=-"
 message is generated, so clearly it's present at some point).

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