[osgeo4w-dev] Steps Forward for OSGeo4W

Matt Wilkie matt.wilkie at gov.yk.ca
Wed Apr 10 11:59:55 PDT 2013

Hi Folks,

I welcome the discussion and the ensuing new life and growth it will 
presumably enable. Thanks to Frank, Jurgen, Paolo & Tamas for pushing 
the boulder a little bit further up the slope to get us here. ;-)

I'm happy to continue contributing to o4w, in my current role as 
occasional wiki gnome and minor packager, and/or as a steering committee 

A shared development server with a known stable environment and 
consistent toolchain is cracking good idea.

I'll raise the idea again that it would be really nice if we could 
somehow capture the changes and build recipes for creating packages in 
version control, storing the binaries in some kind of side-car 
elsewhere. Would it be feasible to have a template structure on 
Bitbucket or Github (or...) that could be just cloned or forked and then 
merged/pulled into the mainline?


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On 09/04/2013 10:18 PM, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Folks,
> Jurgen, Paolo, Tamas and I had a small private discussion on
> issues with OSGeo4W and things that might be done.  I'd like to
> return this discussion now to the main list for the community at
> large.
> I'll summarize the items I'm keen on:
> 1) I think it is time to establish an OSGeo4W Project Steering
> Committee as a means to ensure that decisions can actually get
> made with regard to OSGeo4W.  I'd be willing to draft some
> preliminary documents in this regard and I'd like to suggest at
> least Jürgen Fischer, Tamas Szekeres, Matt Wilkie and myself as
> initial members.  Also perhaps Hirofumi Hayashi or one of the other
> folks who worked on the Japanese support and related improvements?
> 2) I'd like to see us move a central development server on which
> many of the core packages (mostly libraries) can be rebuilt by any
> of the core developers to make it easier to do upgrades, and to take
> care of important packages.  Alex Mandel has provided a windows VM
> at UCDavis that I hope might be suitable for this purpose.
> 3) I'd like to see us think about 64 windows support.  It might mean
> supporting 32bit and 64bit or even leaping as far as just shipping
> 64 bit binaries.
> 4) I'd like to see us put a little more process into place for testing
> and perhaps actually assemble periodic releases in a working area
> without subjecting the world to breakage when someone (often me)
> breaks a low level package.
> I'd appreciate feedback from the community on the above, and
> suggestions of other issues of importance.  Most importance in
> some ways is the PSC idea as settling that makes other items
> easier to work out with some conclusiveness.
> Best regards,
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