[osgeo4w-dev] ANN: Python 2.7.4

Matt Wilkie matt.wilkie at gov.yk.ca
Mon Apr 22 09:16:09 PDT 2013

Thanks for the testing and report Helmut.

The tests listed in http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo4w/ticket/305#comment:41 
pass on  my test install, without doing anything to the shipped with 
python sqlite3.dll. (Though I admit to not understanding a lot in that 
ticket.) So it seems those tests don't aren't thorough enough to 
guarantee that WinGRASS would be happy also.

In any case I've stripped sqlite3.dll from %pythonhome%\DLLs and 
uploaded python-core-2.7.4-2.tar.bz2 to keep things going for now.

> in my osgeo4w-advanced  install-window, python-wrapper 2.7.2-4 is
 > still there (not deinstalled after updating to Python 2.7.4)

fixed, thanks.


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