[osgeo4w-dev] [osgeo4w] #358: Cannot start QGIS from OSGeo4W terminal - qgis_core.dll is missing

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#358: Cannot start QGIS from OSGeo4W terminal - qgis_core.dll is missing
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Changes (by saultdon):

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 Replying to [comment:9 jef]:
 > putting the stuff into etc/ini won't work as the settings for different
 qgis version would conflict - that's why the batch files are there.
 > That it changed is because qgis.exe was moved to the main bin, because
 that makes it use DLLs existing there even if a different version exists
 in system32 (ie. python27).
 > And now qgis.exe and qgis.bat both live in the same directory.
 > A note in [[wiki:pkg-qgis]] was added.

 What about actually fixing it though? That "note" on that page is hidden
 from users running the osgeo4w terminal - ie, they won't see it! I've
 never even been to that page before you linked to it here.

 Looks like this file/folder re-design actually broke something, or that
 note needs to be placed in the osgeo4w terminal to be obvious to end-

 I don't think they will run to that page when they see the error when
 trying to launch qgis from the terminal or are even reading that page
 beforehand to learn how to run qgis from osgeo4w (b/c the terminal tells
 you to type qgis).

 For an end-user, qgis will appear broken... I know a developer knows what
 to do and other technical users, but that doesn't help end users.

 You need to look at this from an end-user perspective =)

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