[osgeo4w-dev] New installer (and OSGeo4W 64bit)

Jürgen E. Fischer jef at norbit.de
Mon Aug 12 03:09:36 PDT 2013

[this is about pending installer work - not a 64bit osgeo4w announcement yet]

Hi everyone,

in the last weeks I've made a 64bit build of OSGeo4W (mainly QGIS and
dependencies; including GDAL 1.10 with most plugins, GEOS 3.4, python 2.7.5, Qt
4.8.5).  A few packages were copied from the 32bit distribution (eg. msys or
the proj grid packages).

I uploaded it to /osgeo/download/osgeo4w/testing64 (~500MB).

The upload also includes the "sources".  It contains the build recipes in a
osgeo4w/ directory that belongs into the individual source directory (and the
scripts each have a comment where the not included source was optained from).
Unfortunatly in a non-cygwin way (noticed to late) and therefore the src
packages need to be obtained and processed manually (and installing them with
the installer probably creates a mess).

Also included are license files for most packages ($pkg-$ver-$pver.txt, but
also *.pdf and *.rtf) - for free and non-free licensed packages.

There's also updated genini script that picks up the licenses and includes
their size and md5 checksum into the setup.ini and a osgeo4w-setup.exe (32bit)
that's able to handle the new format (with the attached patch applied), does
handled the -s parameter so that a "foreign" site can be used and runs as

As you might notice I didn't differentiate between free and non-free licenses.
And therefore there are a lot of licenses the installer will show and request
to accept.

Not sure if we want that - but I think a license is a license and we shouldn't
choose non-free licenses over free one and the free license should at least be
shown in a as prominent place as the non-free ones.

I thought the md5sum would help to identify where the same license applies, but
I just notices that it doesn't even work for the GPL (lots of minor difference
in the files).  So that would need a different approach.  Any thoughts?

More installer observations (probably at least partly already on Steve's todo
- the license display widget doesn't resize in the installer
- Line breaks don't show well
- Apparently the license display is (sometimes?) truncated and shows junk at
  the end.
- It doesn't track licenses that have already been agreed to (ie. on
  reinstall).  Maybe we should also store them somewhere and produce license
  shortcuts in the program group (or just one to the directory).
- How should non-text licenses (PDF, RTF) be handled?  I suppose we could just
  convert them to .txt in regen.sh.
- The program group name is not configurable (ie. OSGEO4W_STARTMENU) - multiple
  OSGeo4W installs overwrite each others shortcuts.

For the QGIS standalone installer I was planning to collect all the license
files into one LICENSE.txt that is presented on install.  Maybe that's also an
approach for the osgeo4w installer.   Collect the licenses, present them in a
large scrollable list and allow to accept them all at once.

I'd like to have the new installer working for the QGIS 2.0 release (in early
September).   How do we proceed?


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