[osgeo4w-dev] New installer (and OSGeo4W 64bit)

Jürgen E. Fischer jef at norbit.de
Tue Aug 20 14:15:48 PDT 2013

Hi Frank,

On Tue, 20. Aug 2013 at 11:12:15 -0700, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> 1) I'm not particularly interested in showing free software licenses in the
>    OSGeo4W installer.  I'm only showing the proprietary ones because it is
>    required to avoid legal liability.  I am not aware of us having any
>    obligation to show free software licenses.  If anything I *like* the fact
>    that users are forced through some agree-to-license-misery for proprietary
>    licenses which emphasizes how lame they are and celebrates the awesomeness
>    of no bull free software.

Hm, good point.  So I suppose that should be just emphazized in the installer,
much better than annoying the use with all the free licenses.  Something like
"OSGeo4W contains mostly free open source software, but has also some optional
proprietary packages, which legaly require agreement to their licenses terms
before download and installation." on top of the license display.

For genini in the current state I have

* licenses for everything in the testing64 rep (which the build recipes
  automatically put there) and

* a map (license.map) that maps the license that ought to be the same to one
  of them (I found 6 variants of GPL 2, 3 of LGPL 2.1 and 2 of the MPL in the
  sources of the current packages) and

* a blacklist (acceptable.lst) with (md5sums of) all licenses, that don't
  require acceptance in the installer and therefore are not included in the
  setup.ini and

Admittedly a quite complicated procedure to get genini to produce a setup.ini
with just the four proprietary licenses.

> 2) I'm a bit dubious about md5sum's for merging same licenses into one
>    request, but since I'm not worried about non-free licenses it isn't an
>    issue for me.

The OCI package also has a separate devel package.  Both share the same license
- so that applies there too.

> 3) I'd rather not use automatic pdf conversion to text.  This process only
>    has to be done once per package, and I'd rather have a human review the
>    text-ified version and ensure that its still captures the original
>    agreement in a reasonable form.

Ok. Done.  But the genini still does the conversion if there is no txt version
or the pdf/rtf is more current than the txt version.

But my main point is coordination with Steve's work on the installer.

The current osgeo4w-setup in testing64 is patched and supports:

* one license review for packages sharing a license
* license display also when installing from a local directory
* reinstall doesn't require another licence review,
* support for a user defined start menu name (multiple installation shouldn't 
  overwrite each others shortcuts)
* removal of the setup_override.ini support (doesn't install from a local
* directory suffice?)
* removal of the other main() interface (not sure what that's good for)
* restore of the window extents.
* German resource file synced with English one

So AFAICS that's enough to add the license stuff to the osgeo4w (32bit)
repository and also to move the testing64 rep to official.  A 64bit installer
IMHO isn't necessary for that.

I'd like to commit my changes to the main repository - but that'll interfere
with Steve's work - as Steve's changes interfere with mine.   That why I asked
before commiting anything...

Unfortunately Steve already went ahead and applied parts of my changes, even
some that already were superceded with existing patches and is hesitant about
applying more without mentor approval (no offense).

Bottom line: each commit produces conflicts on both ends.

So how to proceed?   I'd like to have the 64bit repository ready for QGIS 2.0.
Is there a timeline for the GSOC work?

Should we create a branch for either Steve's or my work to avoid further
conflicts and merge later?  Alternatively I could also create a github fork for
my work (I use git-svn anyway) and merge that later.


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