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#376: GDAL returns incorrect NoData Value for PostGIS raster
Reporter:  mlt     |       Owner:  osgeo4w-dev@…              
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 Version:          |    Keywords:  gdal,postgis               
 I don't have newer binary and did not do thorough testing but here is what
 I suspect will demonstrate the issue with OSGeo4W as of 2013-09-20.

 Steps to reproduce:

 1. Create some GeoTIFF raster with 9999 as NoData[[BR]]
 2. Import it like raster2pgsql -s 26915 -I -C -M dem.tif -t 50x50
 public.dem50 | psql -d gis -U user[[BR]]
 3. Make sure the following returns 9999[[BR]]

 SELECT ST_BandNoDataValue(rast,1) As bnval1
 FROM dem50
 WHERE rid = 1;

 4. Test source file with gdalinfo

 $ which gdalinfo

 $ gdalinfo dem.tif | grep -i noda
   NoData Value=9999

 5. And from PG

 $ gdalinfo 'PG:dbname=gis table=dem50 mode=2' | grep -i noda
   NoData Value=0

 [http://irclogs.geoapt.com/postgis/%23postgis.2013-09-20.log Here] might
 (wasn't published as of submitting date) be a log.

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