[osgeo4w-dev] msvcrt & boost

Bradley Chambers brad.chambers at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 03:43:02 PDT 2014


I added msvcrt2013 in response to #431 and I suppose boost depends on
> msvcrt2012 as the two were introduced yesterday.  Please correct me, if
> that
> assumption is wrong.

msvcrt2012 was required by pcl and pcl-pipeline.

> There's no dependency on boost yet.  I wonder why it was introduced.  Also
> given it's large size (1.2GB installed) I suggest splitting it into a
> boost-libs containing the stuff needed at runtime (ie. DLLs; 24M
> installed) and
> boost-devel containing the compile time files (ie. headers and libraries).

I'm the culprit. Boost is required by a number of the point cloud
processing libs
(pdal, pcl, ...). I'll split the package as suggested today.

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