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#426: OSGeo4W-64bit: qgis 2.4 - GRASS data can't be loaded
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 from the ML:


 >> warning: projection can't be determined
 >> modul can't be executed
 >> command C:/OSGEO~1/apps/qgis/./grass/modules/qgis.g.info info=proj
 >> <br><br>
 >> any idea?
 >Not really.  I can open the gtopo30 map from the qgis_sample_data set

 ok, it seems the underlying problem is in a broken OSGeo4W-GRASS6.4.3-5

 I can start a GRASS session only in text mode because g.proj (and some
 modules, e.g. g.region, g.setproj) seems to be broken in
 OSGeo4W-GRASS6.4.3-5 64 bit.

 in a GRASS session in text mode I can start the module GUI e.g. by

 GRASS 6.4.3 (nc_spm_08)> g.mlist --ui

 or get the manual by

 GRASS 6.4.3 (nc_spm_08)> g.mlist --help

  Liste vorhandene GRASS Datenbank-Dateien eines vom Nutzer bestimmten
 und verwende optional ein Suchmuster.

  Allgemein, Kartenverwaltung

 but I can not do this for g.proj, g.region, g.setproj; therefore the QGIS

 >> command C:/OSGEO~1/apps/qgis/./grass/modules/qgis.g.info info=proj
 >> <br><br>

 as the underlying GRASS module isn't working correctly.

 tested on 2 different win boxes.

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