[osgeo4w-dev] Source packages - Trying to do things right...

Julien Malik julien.malik at c-s.fr
Fri Mar 7 05:45:53 PST 2014


For some new packages I am pushing to OSGeo4W '64bit Edition', I'm
trying to do things right and provide src packages with recipes.

I have a few questions :
- I see that license files are provided as packagename-version.txt in a
number of packages, including free software. I did the same, but when
installing the package I get a warning by the installer about
"proprietary license agreement".  The package I'm installing is free
software. What shall I do to make the installer not issue the warning ?

- There are manifest files in some packages, not all. Should I upload
them (I managed to generate it during recipe build), or does the osgeo
server do the job for me ?

- I don't understand how the zlib recipe works. I fails on my system due
to tar not accepting output file with backslahes in path.
I think I only have tar from the msys OSGeo4W package. Which one do you
use for zlib ?

- If there is one recipe you consider should be the model, for what
package is it ?

- Can you review the "glew" source package ?

Thanks in advance,

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