[osgeo4w-dev] Source packages - Trying to do things right...

Jürgen E. Fischer jef at norbit.de
Fri Mar 7 09:14:04 PST 2014

Hi Julien,

On Fri, 07. Mar 2014 at 14:45:53 +0100, Julien Malik wrote:
> For some new packages I am pushing to OSGeo4W '64bit Edition', I'm
> trying to do things right and provide src packages with recipes.
> I have a few questions :
> - I see that license files are provided as packagename-version.txt in a
>   number of packages, including free software. I did the same, but when
>   installing the package I get a warning by the installer about "proprietary
>   license agreement".  The package I'm installing is free software. What
>   shall I do to make the installer not issue the warning ?

New free licenses should be added to acceptable.lst or mappings to already
existing license, that are essentially the same, but just shipped with
different formatting.  Everything not listed is considered proprietary.
> - There are manifest files in some packages, not all. Should I upload them (I
>   managed to generate it during recipe build), or does the osgeo server do the
>   job for me ?

You can, but nothing on the server side uses them.   I have a local script that
creates them and checks for duplicate files in different packages and also for
unpackaged files in a installed tree.    The idea was to eventually integrated
that into the cgis, but I didn't do it yet.

> - I don't understand how the zlib recipe works. I fails on my system due
>   to tar not accepting output file with backslahes in path.
>   I think I only have tar from the msys OSGeo4W package. Which one do you
>   use for zlib ?

I used cygwin's tar.

> - If there is one recipe you consider should be the model, for what package
>   is it ?

Not really.  My recipes evolved from package to package.  They probably should
include or download the actual source, be ready for automated building,
automatically install build dependencies (apt?) and stuff like that.  Ideally
it should handle both architectures too.  So for now they just have the
character of elaborate build notes.

Also most if not all source packages are not correct for use with the
installer, because they just contain files that are meant to go into a manually
extracted source tree somewhere, while the installer would install them into
the osgeo4w tree where they would clash, because they would all use the same
directory 'osgeo4w'.  I think the sources should live in /usr/src/$package/,
but missed to check cygwin packages earlier and didn't want to rebuild
everything just to fix the source packages.

> - Can you review the "glew" source package ?

Um, the archive contains backslashes in the path - that's IMHO undesireable.
But appart from that from a quick glace they look fine, it even already does
the download and extraction of the sources and the archive doesn't have that
clashing directory.


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