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#479: gdal_merge crashes python
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 Using gdal_merge in OSGeoW4 shell or from qgis terminates with a properly
 merged file but with a python crash once the file is written to disk.
 "python.exe has stopped working Window."

 This is in a .bat file:
 gdal_merge -n -999.999 -a_nodata -999.999 -co BIGTIFF=YES -of GTiff -o
 C:/pytemp/Output/Output/MergedFile.tif "C:/pytemp/Output/N45W074.tif"
 "C:/pytemp/Output/N45W075.tif" "C:/pytemp/Output/N45W076.tif"
 "C:/pytemp/Output/N45W074.tif" "C:/pytemp/Output/N45W075.tif"

 If I launch this in a .bat file (in the OSGeoW4 shell), the process seems
 to crash after the creation of the output .tif file. If i launch the
 process repeatedly (recall the last command with up arrow and then press
 enter), it will sometime terminate without a python crash.

 Windows 7_64, osgeo4w64, Qgis 2.12

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