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Mon Dec 12 10:34:30 PST 2016

#413: add "Windows batchfiles for use with R" to OSGeo4W
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Comment (by hellik):

 Replying to [comment:32 hellik]:
 > it seems now to be in setup.ini; anything else to do that it is promoted
 to be downloadable.


 @ qwt5-libs-qt4
 sdesc: "Qt4 widgets library for technical applications (runtime)"
 ldesc: "Qt4 widgets library for technical applications (runtime)"
 category: Libs
 requires: shell qt4-libs
 version: 5.2.3-1
 install: x86_64/release/qwt5/qwt5-libs-qt4/qwt5-libs-qt4-5.2.3-1.tar.bz2
 261328 4a732090f019931026aa4fe478670ebd
 source: x86_64/release/qwt5/qwt5-libs-qt4/qwt5-libs-
 qt4-5.2.3-1-src.tar.bz2 3211 5259de566c37bf132c7a60783af575cf

 @ rbatch
 sdesc: "Windows batchfiles for use with R"
 ldesc: "Windows batchfiles for use with R"
 category: Libs Commandline_Utilities
 version: r149

 @ regex-devel
 sdesc: "XDR library (Development)"
 ldesc: "XDR library (Development)"
 category: Libs
 version: 0.12-1
 install: x86_64/release/regex-devel/regex-devel-0.12-1.tar.bz2 31233
 source: x86_64/release/regex-devel/regex-devel-0.12-1-src.tar.bz2 979

 the entry in setup.ini is now there; but in comparison to the other
 packages the line


 install: x86_64/release/rbatch/r-batchfiles-r149-2.tar.bz2 XYZ

 is missing.

 anything else to do?

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