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#473: create a geos-c++ package
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Comment (by jef):

 Replying to [comment:4 rashadkm]:
 > The question is asked before(on ther mailing list) and answer was and is
 "No". Last time, I checked with ossim developers some time ago (1.8.18)
 and they said No. "If geos c++ api is no longer available . They will move
 to C API"

 Fair enough - although I was more looking for something between "yes,
 we're using GEOS in a single file and what we need is also in the C API"
 and "no, what we need isn't covered by the C-API or we use GEOS C++ all
 over the place and could only port with huge effort".

 > Q: Why should the package upgrade be blocked because of ossim using geos
 c api. ?

 I thought OSSIM wasn't using the C++ API!?

 > Q: Is using goesc++ api in ossim by any means a violation in osgeo4w ?

 How could it?   OSGeo4W is a package repository - not a ruleset you can

 > Q: Can you provide a detailed explaination why geos c++ api is not
 included while geos-devs says it is supported and is legal to use it. ?

 Because using the C++ ABI virtually can break on every update - even if
 the compiler isn't switched.  You're also tied to using the same compiler
 in the dependent package that was used to build the dependency (image
 something using Qt (C++) API and GEOS C++ API - if the two dependencies
 are built using different compilers - anything using both is screwed).
 Using the C API doesn't create that kind of interdependency - that's
 probably why the C API is recommended.

 And that's probably also why we've put some effort into porting stuff
 using C++ APIs to using the C-APIs (GDAL uses GEOS C-API, QGIS uses GEOS C
 API and GDAL C-API although they also have C++ APIs).   So we didn't need
 the GEOS C-API anymore in OSGeo4W.

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