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#473: create a geos-c++ package
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Comment (by rashadkm):

 Okay. Thanks for detailed explanation. That is a clear answer.

 Let us imagine that we port ossim geos c++ part to c api. And there comes
 otb that uses ossim. so the problem comes back when ossim is compiled with
 a different compiler and and otb or something is using a new one.

 Is it possible to isolate these stuff in seperate directories in the


 Users can choose between different osgeo4W installers depending on the
 version of compiler.
 This also allows to chime in mingw toolchain. So there is no need to mix
 msvc and mingw dll as in the case of grass.

 If msvc2013 or 2015 have not much packages... then that is not a problem.
 It will arrive later.

 Users can always to choose to stick with any version of msvc and
 developers can decide to support any compiler and its arch(x86/x64) if
 they want.

 osgeo4w becomes more friendly with other compilers or toolchain or c or
 c++ api. It does not leave a burden on developers or packagers to must
 support all versions. It is upto the upstream to decide wheather to
 provide it or not.

 Users are also free to get latest compiler and other related stuff by this

 This org must be on the server and not on the local system. It should
 install always on C:/OSGeo4W/{usr,lib,share}

 It make osgeo4w more friendly in setting up development environment for
 Windows. Like the upstream can provide an eclipse/visual studio sln file.
 with the -dev or like in the windows terms an SDK

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