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#473: create a geos-c++ package
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Comment (by jef):

 Replying to [comment:6 rashadkm]:
 > Let us imagine that we port ossim geos c++ part to c api. And there
 comes otb that uses ossim. so the problem comes back when ossim is
 compiled with a different compiler and and otb or something is using a new

 Sure.  ossim should be built with the same compiler as otb - if it want's
 to be available for otb (w/o providing a C-API).  And AFAIK otb is already
 using Qt (which also doesn't provide a C API) - so everything there is
 already tied to msvc2010 (which is what Qt was built with).

 > Is it possible to isolate these stuff in seperate directories in the
 > msvc2010/{x86,x64}/ossim,geos,otb,qt,
 > msvc2013/{x86,x64}/ossim,geos,otb,qt

 Um, who's going to produce all those packages?

 > Users can choose between different osgeo4W installers depending on the
 version of compiler.

 Users probably don't care about the compiler versions.

 > This also allows to chime in mingw toolchain. So there is no need to mix
 msvc and mingw dll as in the case of grass.

 > If msvc2013 or 2015 have not much packages... then that is not a
 problem. It will arrive later.
 > ...

 Sorry I don't follow.

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