[osgeo4w-dev] OSGeo4W mirror and more ...

Hugo Mercier hugo.mercier at oslandia.com
Fri Feb 16 05:51:41 PST 2018


Here is an update, following my email from April 2017.
We now have a mirror of the main OSGeo4W repository available here :


New packages from the main repository are synced every 6 hours.

You are welcome to use it to lower a bit the load on the main osgeo.org
download server.

A second piece of information is that another repository is also
available here:


It contains some additional packages from our own (including PostgreSQL
and PostGIS for instance).

And the infrastructure which is responsible of building these binaries
is now public on https://gitlab.com/Oslandia/osgeo4w

The project is configured so that any compilation script can be launched
on a Windows 10 virtual machine on demand, with the resulting package
visible on our osgeo4w server on completion.

An example of such a build output:

The plan is to give compilation access to OSGEO4W packagers little by
little and hopefully find a way so that we have on the long term a
reproducible and more distributed OSGEO4W infrastructure of compilation
under Windows (and possibly on any other building environment that can
be automated through a VM).

For now, the virtual machine that runs the compilations is hosted on one
of our internal development server.
We are currently working on making its configuration reproducible (by
publishing Ansible scripts that can be used to provision a Windows box
for compilation).
Moreover, we should have a compilation server dedicated to this task in
the upcoming weeks or months and with the publication of Ansible
scripts, that would allow other people to add their machine to the
compilation "farm".

We will discuss all of this next week during the QGIS developer meeting
in Madeira.

Our main intention is to make the Windows compilation of the OSGEO stack
more reproducible, open and distributed, so that we avoid to always rely
on the same people for that not-always-very-rewarding task.

Any questions or comments welcome ! :)


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