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Helmut Kudrnovsky hellik at web.de
Fri Feb 16 10:31:08 PST 2018

Hi Hugo,

Hugo Mercier wrote
> Hi,
> Here is an update, following my email from April 2017.
> We now have a mirror of the main OSGeo4W repository available here :
> http://osgeo4w-oslandia.com/mirror/
> New packages from the main repository are synced every 6 hours.
> You are welcome to use it to lower a bit the load on the main osgeo.org
> download server.
> A second piece of information is that another repository is also
> available here:
> http://osgeo4w-oslandia.com/extra/
> It contains some additional packages from our own (including PostgreSQL
> and PostGIS for instance).
> And the infrastructure which is responsible of building these binaries
> is now public on https://gitlab.com/Oslandia/osgeo4w
> The project is configured so that any compilation script can be launched
> on a Windows 10 virtual machine on demand, with the resulting package
> visible on our osgeo4w server on completion.
> An example of such a build output:
> https://gitlab.com/Oslandia/osgeo4w/-/jobs/52957621
> The plan is to give compilation access to OSGEO4W packagers little by
> little and hopefully find a way so that we have on the long term a
> reproducible and more distributed OSGEO4W infrastructure of compilation
> under Windows (and possibly on any other building environment that can
> be automated through a VM).
> For now, the virtual machine that runs the compilations is hosted on one
> of our internal development server.
> We are currently working on making its configuration reproducible (by
> publishing Ansible scripts that can be used to provision a Windows box
> for compilation).
> Moreover, we should have a compilation server dedicated to this task in
> the upcoming weeks or months and with the publication of Ansible
> scripts, that would allow other people to add their machine to the
> compilation "farm".
> We will discuss all of this next week during the QGIS developer meeting
> in Madeira.
> Our main intention is to make the Windows compilation of the OSGEO stack
> more reproducible, open and distributed, so that we avoid to always rely
> on the same people for that not-always-very-rewarding task.
> Any questions or comments welcome ! :)
> Hugo
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thanks for your effort. 

I've took the liberty to forward it to the GRASS community [1].

May it be worth also to forward it to the OSGeo discuss list for the broader

Some time ago, I've added OSGeo4W to the main OSGeo website [2]. If you
think, a sentence or short paragraph should be added about this effort, just
let me know.

Had a quick look at your repo at [3], there is mentioned "Oslandia's OSGEO4W
distribution". As you can see at [2], the branding is "OSGeo4W" ... ;-) ....
just as a minor remark ... :-)

[1] https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/grass-user/2018-February/077859.html
[2] https://www.osgeo.org/projects/osgeo4w/
[3] https://gitlab.com/Oslandia/osgeo4w

best regards
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