[osgeo4w-dev] QGIS3: packages & versioning

Jürgen E. Fischer jef at norbit.de
Wed Feb 28 13:56:03 PST 2018

Hi Tobias,

On Wed, 28. Feb 2018 at 22:36:08 +0100, Tobias Wendorff wrote:
> This is pretty confusing right now. So is 3.0-1 (rel-dev) newer than
> 3.0.0-4 (rel)? Can't you make it like 3.0.0-4~dev+1 to point to the
> current stable it's based on?

Don't think so. But why should I?  What's so interesting about the version

qgis is the current release.  qgis-rel-dev the nightly of the release branch.
Both are at currently at 3.0.0 because the release branch is at 3.0.0.  The
package number is just an increasing number for each build of the package.

Same for qgis-ltr and qgis-ltr-dev - just that it's the ltr branch which
currently is at 2.18.17.

qgis-dev is a nightly of master - which is currently at 3.1.0.

The nightlies start after the initial release package - so if the initial
package needs several fixes - like this time - the package number will not be
1, but the first nightly will still be 1 and therefore lower - but there's no
problem with that as the two are independant packages.

> >> Also "qgis-full" is 3.0-1... Isn't this just the meta package
> >> for stable qgis, which is 3.0.0.-4 in a single install?

> > qgis + otherwise optional dependencies eg. for plugin (and
> > everything that's to be included in the standalone).

> So "qgis-full v3.0-1" contains "qgis v3.0.0-4 + anything else".

No, qgis-full is empty.  It just depends on qgis (no specific version) and a
couple of other packages (see setup.ini or qgis-full's setup.hint).


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