[osgeo4w-dev] QGIS3: packages & versioning

Tobias Wendorff tobias.wendorff at tu-dortmund.de
Wed Feb 28 13:36:08 PST 2018

Hi Jürgen,

Am Mi, 28.02.2018, 22:27 schrieb Jürgen E. Fischer:
>> Right now, "qgis-rel-dev" is 3.0-1, while "qgis" is 3.0.0-4.
>> Shouldn't the daily nightlies have a higher version?
> No.  The last part is just the package version - ie. number of
> the build on that version.  It just has to increase - for gdal-dev
> it's for example the svn revision.

This is pretty confusing right now. So is 3.0-1 (rel-dev) newer than
3.0.0-4 (rel)? Can't you make it like 3.0.0-4~dev+1 to point to the
current stable it's based on?

>> Also "qgis-full" is 3.0-1... Isn't this just the meta package
>> for stable qgis, which is 3.0.0.-4 in a single install?
> qgis + otherwise optional dependencies eg. for plugin (and
> everything that's to be included in the standalone).

So "qgis-full v3.0-1" contains "qgis v3.0.0-4 + anything else".

>> Wouldn't it be logical to move all the dev & deps into a "dev" category?
> The pdb and deps should probably not be in the desktop category.
> Fixed.

Thanks ;)

Best regards,

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