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#574: gdalbuildvrt fails handling wildcards under Win10 1803
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Comment (by deezx):

 I have the same issue with gdalbuildvrt using Win10 (1803)

 On my machine building the VRT **fails only for the first file of the
 folder in wildcard matching**, other files in same folder are added to the
 VRT. So if I have four tiles in a foulder, the first file produces an
 error, but the other tree files are added. The first file fails, because
 the first filename matching the wildcard is **truncated to a single
 char**, e.g. if the file is **folder/abc.tif** the wildcard
 **folder/*.tif** produces the following error:

     ERROR 4: folder\a: No such file or directory
     Warning 1: Can't open folder\a. Skipping it

 Issue affects all current Windows versions of QGIS (2.18.21, 3.2.0) using
 GDAL 2.2.4 from OSGEO4W build, in Windows 10 (1803), 64bit.


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